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Ballz-Out Groundbait Sling

Ballz-Out Groundbait Sling

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The new Atomic Tackle BALLZ-OUT groundbait sling has been designed specifically to make establishing a bed of groundbait easier than it’s ever been before, and to do so at ranges from 20 – to well over 100 yards.

Manufactured from a super-tough, double-stitched, rot-proof synthetic outer, fixed by studs to a hi-impact polymer cup, and attached to a size 2 swivel by a pair of 100lb test braid leaders, the BALLZ-OUT sling is virtually indestructible. Our development of this product showed no need to fix buoyancy foam to the BALLZ-OUT, and trials with the prototypes revealed that this foam reduces the in-flight speed of the sling and with it the potential baiting range, so we designed that out. What we have in the BALLZ-OUT, is a groundbait delivery system that gets the job done with the minimum of fuss and effort.

This product really could change the way you fish.

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